Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Urban Sufer

Hair: *booN - BMB103 hair (brown/mat/chestnut) Mesh
Glasses:  *Glasiz* -  SexyBitch
Headphones: [STUFF] - Loudfone 980 - MultiTex (Mesh)
Dog Tags: Mandala - Dog Tags
Necklace: 2Lag : Red Mixtape Necklace
Joint: [NikotiN] - Join_Crooked
Wrist Wrap: Entente - Johnny Wrist Scarf
Bracelet: Kari - Audio Wire Bracelet
Pants: NotSoBad - Vince Jeans (Black) - Mesh
Shoes: Akeyo - Zupras
Skateboard: Pu!se - Skateboard *
Backpack: Hyperborea - Urban Backpack**
Tattoo: [Sleep Bozer] - The Devil wears Prada tattoo

* The textures on my skateboards were uploaded and applied to the board using the Self Texture Kit by Pu!se. Would highly recommend getting this :)

** This backpack is modifiable so I applied my own texture to the outside. The bag does however come with a variety of textures preloaded into it.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boogie and Tristen

So my incredibly talented friend Boogie Wonder has made me this great pic of my ava and hers ;)

Hope you love it as much as me :)

You may contact her in-world under the name boogie wonder, however she is VERY busy so no promises she will be able to do some work for you.

P.S. Just a fyi, this pic wasn't copied from any pose in-game. She basically just took a normal standing up screenshot of my ava and recreated it into this scene :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hair: Burley - Noel (Black)
Mask: Pdiddle - Baby Snow Fox mask
Feathers 1: Pdiddle - Feather Extensions
Feathers 2: ~the plank~ - Native Indian American - Night Wolf (Head dress)
Jacket: MIAMI - Valur Jacket
Bow and Arrow: Tee*fy - Epoch Legend Hunt the Beast (Arrow Bag and bow)
Necklace: AMU - Mesh Medicine Pouch
Pipe: DLS - Underwood Elven Pipe
Face Paint: ~the plank~ - Native Indian American - Whirlwind (less) 
Boots: Reek - Autumn Boots (Stone)
Snow Shoes:  Miel - Snow Shoes ( FREE Group Gift)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My new 30 texture Ear Plugs :D

A pair of earplugs I made that have 30 textures in them. Simply click the plugs to cycle through the available textures. They are full mod so you can also add your own :)

Click ---> BUY HERE <--- Click

Astra Viewer..

Astra is a V1 based SL Viewer that not only supports mesh but also dynamic shadows and lighting. It's the viewer I use for all the pics you see in my blog. I'm posting this because as I walk around SL I'm still seeing 90% of people using phoenix and they keep asking me why I'm wearing a donut which is in fact a mesh object that they can't see because they are on phoenix. Whenever I ask them why they haven't upgraded to a V2 viewer they always say that they like the V1 viewers layout better.

So here you go CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! This is a direct link to the .exe download, it is safe.

(even though this viewer does incorporate some of the features from the latest V2 viewers it doesn't include all, you still can't wear multiple clothing layers in this viewer so if you need more then one alpha which I always do, you may need to make them yourselves.)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you set the GRID to Second Life (Agni)

Also I'm posting this now because as it is, there are a LOT of great mesh creations being released. Not only mesh clothing but also vehicles and homes and weapons and pretty much everything else. I think now is the time to make the switch. I will be blogging a lot more mesh in coming posts and a lot of the designers I know will be making the switch to mesh products.

I still recommend you give either SL V2 or Firestorm a chance as they do have a lot more features.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hair: Burley - Noel [Blacks]
Ears: Aitui - (Type 2) Stretched Ear - Human "1
Piercings: :Hebenon Vial: - Smile! Piercings with Plugs
Jacket: <Kal Rau> - Casual Blazer
Necklace: Kari - The hand of Fatima Necklace
Bag: JP dsg - Divider Bag (Multiple color options)
Pants: [Pumpkin] - Loose Jeans G <-------- Mesh
Shoes: Death Row Designs - Boots Lazy 3 [Reg Black]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Need For Speed

Bike: Prefabrica - SGP1000 Samurai
Leathers and Helmet: [19MC] - Racing Suit 01 [Green]

Bike: [19MC] - PBR-50

Car: Ekira Industries - Hisoka Z850T

Car: Prefabrica - Stealth GTRS

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7 Seas

Hair: Dura Hair - Boys&Girls*26 [Black]  <--- NEW!
Sunglasses: Armidi Gisaci - Lifestyle Aviators [White]
Teeth: DeeTaleZ - Teeth
Necklace: Kari - Tat Anchor Necklace
Bracelet: Kari - Key cuff [Black]
Shirt: Sleepy Eddy - Layered Anchor Tank [Grey]
Jacket: Sleepy Eddy - Denim Western Shirt
Pants: Luck Inc - Tyra Lowrise Jeans [White]
Shoes: Indi Designs - O'Leary Sneakers [White]

My all time fav band!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hair: Burley - Dimitri [Black]
Shirt: Arnadi - T-Shirt Video Consoles
Hoodie: Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie [Fatpack]
Wii Controller: Vantelli - Wiimote Necklace
Pants: JP.dsg - Struggle Pants [Special 04]
Backpack: Action - Skater Bag [Chex]
Shoes: Cestar Shoes - CSJacare [White]

JP just released these awesome new low waist baggies, There's a LOT more colors available in-store :D

Monday, October 31, 2011


Hair: ++AyLine++Hydrangea- Coffee roll- Espresso
Skin: [Al Vulo!] - Sally - [Pink Sunkissed]
Necklace: Geronimo Skull Feather Necklace by Flightless
Cardigan: Emery - Oversized Cardigan Carmin- [Mink]
Bra: !bullwinkle. - Plain Bra's - pink
Belt: iAdmiral Spicy! -Artic Belt - in brown
Skirt: Emery -Denim Skirt Palette - #03
Shoes- TokiD - bow back shoes - dark skin (worn with socks)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hair: Drot - The Kenny [Smoke]
Glasses: Hoc - 80's Glasses
Ears: Aitui - Type 3 Stretched ear human [Twist]
Jacket: [Pumpkin] - Hooded Jacket [Black] <--- Mesh
Ring: +Grasp+ - Skull Ring (Group gift)
Bag: Hoc - Leather Messenger Bag
Pants: [Pumpkin] - Loose Jeans G <--- Mesh
Boots: Treads - Kboots [Black]

Note: The Messenger bag from Hoc looks perfect with this outfit however it wasn't easy to fit. I had to edit linked parts and stretch the strap part forward a bit along with some other adjustments. If you aren't very good with editing you might want to try a different bag.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Request for Rigged Mesh Parametric Deformer..

As  a lot of you know, mesh is now out and being sold and worn. What you may also know is once a mesh item is attached to your avatar it cannot be adjusted which disables your ability to customize a mesh outfit to your avatars specifications.

A request for this to be fixed has been put forth and we need your vote to get LL's attention!

Simply click here, log into your secondlife account and click "vote" on the right hand side of the page under "People"..

This will make a dramatic difference in the way we use mesh products and how they look!

Thank you :D


Hair: Dura Hair - Boys&Girls**03[Black]-unisex hair
Glasses: (epoque) - Oversized Shades [Neutral]
Necklace: Kosh - Wise Owl Necklace
Shirt: C.smit - Lazy Tank Top Stripes [Black and White]
Camera: **Stash** - Digital SLR Camera
Backpack: Alter AM - Natural Cloth Rucksack [Black]
Pants: [Sheep Door] - Sarrouel Pants [Black]
Bracelet: Kari - Audio wire Bracelet
Boots: Hoorenbeek - Dr. H. [Black]
Food: (itutu) - Mitarasi dango set
Teeth: DeeTaleZ - Prim Teeth
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii

Big thanks to **Stash** for the awesome SLR digital camera! this thing is GREAT, it comes with a bag to wear around your shoulder, a hud and a camera to hold. The hud has three different poses for holding the camera, three different lens sizes which have an animation when you change them around and a flash. It's a really cool accessory  :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Under Your Spell

Hair: booN- UKA687 (blonde) -worn with gathered mid hairbase
Skin: the body co. - Orchid (Medium)
MakeUp: the body co. - Orchid makeup (nude)
Earrings: [bellballs]- LoveStruck Earring (Electric Green)
Dress: Violent Seduction- Muse (Faun)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Moxie (Snow) - worn with over-knee socks (cream)

I'm extremely happy to welcome Meow to my blog, from now on she will be posting her own unique style of female outfits while I continue with my male outfits :)


Really hope you enjoy this music! It's sung by an Italian friend of mine, she is brilliant! Please listen and like! :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween :D

Niramyth have a free skeleton avatar for all Niramyth group members, simple join the group and find the crate hidden somewhere on the Niramyth sim.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Hair: Anaphora - Shiye [Smokie] --- Anaphora has closed down :(
Piercings: [Acide!] - Jam Grey
Plugs: Made by me, I will be releasing some stuff on MP soon..
Face Spray: Damned - Black Spray
Bird: Wynx's Wearable Pets - Pet Raven
Necklace: Splash - Prayer Necklace [Black] - Currently at the Grunge Soul Project.
Headphones: K_gs - Beet Egg Headphones
Tattoo: Aitui - Fool of Fowles
Shirt: Anthem - Cotton Skull T-shirt [White]
Bandana: Last Eden - Leg bandana [Grey] - Edited to fit my upper arm.
Pants: NSD - 26Jeans [Black]
Boots: Death Row Designs - Lazy Reg [Black]

Friday, September 30, 2011

New Pants By JP dsg..

Hair: Yasyn -  Venom - Auntie Jay's Smokestack
Cigarette: Nikotin - Rolled cigarette
Necklace: Tonk Tastic - Dogtags
Cigarette Packet: Click Here To Buy. (1L)
Pants: [ JP ]:dsg - Bengee Pants --- !New!
Feet: :sey - Hadash!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Game Over

Hat: Elygo - Subscription gift
Hair: Dura Hair - Dura Boy 24 [Black]
Cigarette: Nikotin -  Cigarette [Rolled]
Glasses: Elygo -Sunglasses Racing [Black]
Tattoo: Para Designs - Music Bears Tattoo
Shirt: Blast - Tank Top [Yellow]
Bag: *Edelweiss* - School Bag
Necklace: Kari - Boom Bap Necklace
Watch: *Chronokit* - Watch no 36 Dio [Black]
Shorts: Elygo - Work Wear Outfit [Black] These shorts come with a matching top and tank.
Leggings: Amerie - Leggings [Stripe]
Shoes: Balkanik - SwagG Sneakers

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aitui 2.0

Hair: *booN - LUV205 hair [black/chocolate/purple] 
Necklace: Kosh - Steer Clear Necklace
Tattoo: Aitui - Fool of Fowles
Shirt: Aitui - Decollete Driftwood
Pants: Aitui - Suspension Jeans [War Black]
Feet :Sey - Hadash! Feet
Watch: BLITZED - Legacy Watch [Black]

The new and improved Aitui store is now open along with some new releases.  :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Splash of Color

Hair: Dura Hair - Dura Boy 24 [Black]
Glasses: Tonk Tastic - Love Glasses
Tongue: VooDoo - Koke Tongue
Ear Plugs: [EY:NO] - Aquarium Ear Plugs *
Face Paint: [EY:NO] - Face Paint Set
Necklace: -RYCA-  - MP3 Necklace <--------- Freebie!
Shirt: *ULTRAS* -  I am your next lover T-shirt (!!New store!!)
Tattoo: BUID - Tattoo 27
Shorts: Amerie - Re_Loose_Pants 05
Shoes Elygo - Supra Wings Sneakers (!!New Store!!)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meshed Up!

Hair: Anaphora - Toni [Onyx]
Glasses: [[SHADE THRONE]] - Diabolita 2 Sunglasses [black & White]
Nose Piercing: Cobrahive - N Horn
Necklace: Rozoregalia - Belial Necklace
Hoodie: Krova - Cold Contrast Hoodie (*Mesh item)
Gloves: Tonk Tastic - Fingerless Gloves
Jeans: Reel Tees - Classic Jeans [Shadow] (*Mesh item)
Shoes: 2Real - Pro_Spec 1.2

Now that mesh is out I thought I would put together an outfit incorporating it. There are many differences between mesh and sculpted items but the most obvious ones are both quality and the way the item fits your avatar. Instead of having a separate sculpted attachment for the hood, bottom of jacket, left and right cuff you now have one crafted piece that fits and contorts to your avatar perfectly.

*You MUST have the latest mesh enabled viewer to view mesh, if you don't you will see nothing more then a big prim hanging off your avatar. My personal preference is Firestorm 3.0 which you can download here.

I too was a die hard phoenix fan, I loved the version 1 layout but I must say Firestorm 3.0 isn't THAT much different. It does take a bit of option fiddling to get it back to a phoenix feel but it can be tamed just be patient. As more and more updates become available older viewers will become obsolete and useless so it's best to jump in the viewer 2 pool now.