Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Astra Viewer..

Astra is a V1 based SL Viewer that not only supports mesh but also dynamic shadows and lighting. It's the viewer I use for all the pics you see in my blog. I'm posting this because as I walk around SL I'm still seeing 90% of people using phoenix and they keep asking me why I'm wearing a donut which is in fact a mesh object that they can't see because they are on phoenix. Whenever I ask them why they haven't upgraded to a V2 viewer they always say that they like the V1 viewers layout better.

So here you go CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! This is a direct link to the .exe download, it is safe.

(even though this viewer does incorporate some of the features from the latest V2 viewers it doesn't include all, you still can't wear multiple clothing layers in this viewer so if you need more then one alpha which I always do, you may need to make them yourselves.)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you set the GRID to Second Life (Agni)

Also I'm posting this now because as it is, there are a LOT of great mesh creations being released. Not only mesh clothing but also vehicles and homes and weapons and pretty much everything else. I think now is the time to make the switch. I will be blogging a lot more mesh in coming posts and a lot of the designers I know will be making the switch to mesh products.

I still recommend you give either SL V2 or Firestorm a chance as they do have a lot more features.

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